The Dnepr got a amazing feature on one of the biggest bike blogs in the world.

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Finished overhauling the BSA A10 engine

Video shoot for Monanta (Bihr, Moteo motorcycle parts)

Clearly forgot to post the scoop of the Honda CB550

Worked like crazy for a week to get the BSA Golden Flash in a different form just in time to do a little camp out with some friends.

This bike came to Nick Heij in Antwerp as an already started project. The owner wanted to build it by himself, but he lacked the know how. So, after leaving the bike for a while collecting dust, he seeked the help of a professional. Luckily the customer had good taste and wanted to build a CX500 similar to the popular Wrenchmonkees’ CX project. Nick took the challenge and today the bike is finished and runs great…

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New bike…BSA A10 Golden Flash // 1955 // 650cc

What about the Dnepr… dad?

Yamaha XS650 is coming along nicely

Honda CX500